Teaching children to be patient at Christmas

In ancient times, these dates were highly anticipated and celebrated it marked the arrival of the longest nights and the return of light days. In addition, the more light there were better harvests and more abundant food. Christmas symbolizes that long awaited return to the light that rebirth. It is the period of hope for a better day.


Christian rites that hope embodied in the birth of a child carrying all hopes. For a boy or a girl, wait for Christmas Eve is to learn to be patient. In fact, that learning begins very early when separated from their padres Durante the day. Continue reading “Teaching children to be patient at Christmas”

How to reduce the fear of the dentist?

Tantrums, crying, screaming usually some signs that the child is afraid to go to the dentist this fear of the professional oral health can be controlled by parents taking into account certain recommendations. The visits to the dentist should be regular every 6 months so that preventive treatment is performed and avoid cures, which are what most children fear. Take your child from baby to the dentist to familiarize you with the consultation and instrumental in sight and avoid that when you become a child and treats for the first time have a trauma.


Remind him that the oral hygiene is necessary for good dental health. Brushing and flossing are essential. Before his first visit to the dentist, you must have made your child accompany you to a short session for the small see that does not scare you or you complain. At that time the dentist can use to tell what you are doing, avoiding words that produce fear. Convey your little confidence. Do not lie telling him to hurt, what you can do is tell if it will hurt but only a little and to pass quickly. Continue reading “How to reduce the fear of the dentist?”

Milk for the child

A healthy and balanced diet for a child must consist of a variety of foods and age appropriate. A good diet must contain foods from the five food groups pyramid, among which are dairy. A healthy and balanced diet for a child must consist of a variety of foods and age appropriate. A good diet must contain foods from the five food groups pyramid among which are dairy. Dairy products the dairy for its nutritional characteristics are basic and complete in nutrients. For example, the milk contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. You must enter these foods into the infant diet from the five months old baby.


The yogurt natural the cottage cheese the range of possibilities of dairy you can give your child is very broad. Do not accustom the child to overly sweet tastes. If you want to sweeten dairy products, you can add them a spoonful of jelly, syrup, fruit jam or honey. Continue reading “Milk for the child”

The impact of television on children

The porosity the child’s mind makes easily absorb all kinds of environmental stimulation but often this process occurs unconsciously as the child or family need not realize. It is known for example that babies, although not understand the words of informants captured the tone the mood of the speakers and the people around them for example the reactions of their families ie the atmosphere found in.


Current report are addressed to adults they must not therefore be consumer products usual for children. If the news is full of violence, it is not advisable at the same systematic exposure of children, whatever their age. From the moment, the children are able to understand simple explanations around three years the reviews and ratings of parents and educators about the violent scenes significantly reduce their negative impact. Anyway, it is not advisable during childhood repeated contemplation of televised violence. Continue reading “The impact of television on children”

Common mistakes to give the baby feed

The slurry is one of the first solid foods given to the baby before it is introduced to the diet will have on your life, so it is important not to make mistakes when giving gruel that we show below: Do not include some kind of meat. Each slurry should contain healthy elements at least two sources of food regulators plant one of energy foods carbohydrates such as rice noodles cassava and potatoes) and builder’s meat.

 feeding baby

Beat the mush in a blender. The porridge is not synonymous with soup. Unlike that, it has to be crushed with a fork all. When you give, the child does not learn to recognize the differences between foods and does not develop chew. Not have time for refreshments. Schedules should be established and respect, so that the body is always regulated and child establish a routine. Continue reading “Common mistakes to give the baby feed”

Tips for parents who adopt a child

How many questions can result in your child the arrival of another child at home? Sure will be many but if the freely expressed fail to clear them one by one and do not forget to be as honest as possible with him, his expectations may be too high. The dates are not with children. It is better to give an approximate when you will be with the new family member before the summer.


Get ready to take on some challenges that are not unique in households with adopted children.  Jealousy can reach your firstborn and affect sometime brotherly relationship. The illusion of having a partner to share the games is cause for joy for your child. However also they change will happen in the family and that is better tell a stage where both children will learn to share starts. Continue reading “Tips for parents who adopt a child”

Toys for babies

In the market, there are hundreds of thousands of toys, some good and some not so. The range goes from those who do not even meet the minimum safety standards to those that, in addition to safe and fun, they are designed with a clear pedagogical purpose.  Choose the best toys for babies are not always a simple task. The best toy is not necessarily the most expensive, but which, in addition to insurance, adapting to the needs of the child and seeks fun and entertainment.


Good toys are safe, durable, attractive, manageable and with complete and understandable instructions. They must be properly conceived from a pedagogical point of view not transmit negative values (sexism, racism, violence allow the child to be the protagonist of the game and, most importantly they must be fun, entertaining and attractive recipients. The definition have drawn experts Toy Research Institute (AIJU), a non-profit organization that for over twelve years publishes a guide with detailed information on the most appropriate to recreational and educational needs of quality toys children from birth to over 12 years. Continue reading “Toys for babies”

Hearing care of your children with GAES

As our children grow, our health concerns are also exacerbated. Hearing is one of the most vulnerable among the smallest ways and many times moms and dads do not realize until the moment they start going to school. As our children grow, our health concerns are also exacerbated.


The hearing is one of the most vulnerable among the smallest ways and many times moms and dads do not realize until the moment they start going to school. Most hearing problems of children are detected because of the lack of attention in class or poor grades for not being able to hear clearly the indications of the teacher. Therefore from GAES betting on technology and innovation to offer both young and old alike the opportunity to improve your hearing today. Continue reading “Hearing care of your children with GAES”

Solid food for your baby

We can introduce solid foods when your baby is between 4 and 6 months if gives signals that it is ready to eat them. Until then, it is known that breast milk or formula milk provides all the necessary calories you need our baby and nutritional value that our baby needs and your body can absorb. We must take note that your digestive system is not ready for solid foods until approximately when our baby is at least 6 months old.


The signals that must be very careful include when the baby has the control of her head, the baby needs to keep his head in a firm and upright, and is this sign. Loss of extrusion reflex for our baby can keep solid food in your mouth and in turn then be able to swallow you need to stop using his tongue to push food out of his mouth. Continue reading “Solid food for your baby”

How to motivate children to strive

If a child continues to believe that effort only serves to please adults or for a reward, it has not yet understood the sense of effort. The wording of the French children’s magazine Pomme Api offers you some tips psychoanalyst Claude Halmos to arouse their interest in the success and personal satisfaction. Often children say strive for Dad, Mom or teacher to be happy. How should we react?


Claude Halmos: I think you have to explain to the child that when he makes an effort, it does to please someone else, but for himself, for his mind to grow. Not to mention that if the child tries to please his parents and fails, you will feel very guilty. Continue reading “How to motivate children to strive”